Friday, June 24, 2011

Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance II

So in great anticipation of the third Human Performance (on Twelve Gauge Records) I have been jamming number I and II, and then realized that I hadn't even posted this on here yet.
This record takes off where the first 7" left you, and it will make you bang your head and grin like a creep.
On this S.T.Z. deliver another two tracks of psychedelic rock thrash jams with punk and hardcore all in the same mixing bowl. As with the first, the second H.P. also has longer track durations - clocking in just under 15minutes.
I was lucky enough to catch them jamming and recording their new material at Panda studios via stream, and I can vouch that the new stuff is out of this world good.
For the mean time I suggest that you play this on repeat and with a high volume.


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