Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snakeface - Oberon

1. Listen Up
2. Devil's Leap
3. Cash Grab
4. Scum
5. Oberon
6. Occupy
7. The Bank
8. Unqualified
9. Holy Books
10. Oberon II
11. Midwest
12. Singularity

Here is the debut lp from Sydney's Snakeface, recorded in the blue mountains.
They've really expanded on their earlier stuff which was influenced by early Trash Talk and early Ceremony.
These 12 tracks are a huge leap from their previous sound, in a very positive and impressive way.
The intro track "Listen Up" is great. Fact is throughout the entire album they create their own soundscape combining the aggressive influences with this experimental slow beat, desert-bluesy side of guitar ringing and effects. Beaut. Highly recommend these great jams.

Buy it from Arrest Records here.

Neighbor - Be Here Now

1. Forget About Us
2. Shitstorm
3. Be Here Now
4. Runnin Outta Breath
5. All Hell
6. Have Mercy

New material from Austin, TX's Neighbor.
This follows up their "In Our Times" demo which I played more than any other demo last year.
6 more unbelievably catchy & well-written songs from this three piece garage punk band.
Didnt know about this, boy am I glad that I stumbled onto it.
Neat neat neat.


Bloody Hammer - Bloody Hammer

1. Streetfighter
2. Struggle For Power
3. Social Climber
4. Bloody Hammer
5. Fire In My Eyes

Been away for ages, but now im back.
To make it up to you baby I've brought you a gift.
Here's 5 tracks of the debut 10 track LP from Melbourne's Bloody Hammer.
Oi punk perfection. Cant wait to hear the rest! I loved their demo and I dig the shit out of this.
Get into it.