Tuesday, June 14, 2011

B-Lines - B-Lines

1. Hasting Strut
2. Wealthy Barber
3. It Rains
4. Psychedelic High School
5. Sunglasses
6. In The Red
7. World War Four
8. Houseplants
9. Tonite

Hello ladies and germs, here is the new LP from Vancouver's B-lines.
Nine tracks of manic/catchy punk that lasts a mere 11 minutes.
The two stand out tracks on this for me are "Psychedelic High School" and "Houseplants" but only by fractions.
This is the sort of album that you can play 3-5 times in a row, because it goes by so god-damn quickly.
That said, this is a thoroughly enjoyable listen that's for sure.
Physical copies of this LP are available from Deranged Records, who have been putting out so many good things lately.


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