Monday, July 25, 2011

Iron Mind - Hell Split Wide Open

1. Look Into My Eye
2. Hard Rain
3. Guilt
4. Nail Becomes The Hammer
5. Hounded
6. Steel Trap
7. The Calm And The Storm
8. No More Pain
9. Lion's Den
10. Still No Light (The Iron Mind Pt II)

This is the debut LP from Iron mind who are from Melbourne, Australia.
As I previously stated on the Promo Tracks post, this is very much in the same vein as their work from The Sun Has Set EP.
Ten Hard hitting New York Hardcore influenced jams with tight lyrical and instrumental work.
There are so many good moments on the album that it'd be hard for me to pick just a few parts out as it just kills it overall.
You can pick up physical copies of this LP from here, still have some limited colours left.
The artwork for this album was done by Iron Mind's singer Sam Octigan.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Nerve & Internal Affairs - Split 7"

1. Internal Affairs - Enough
2. Internal Affairs - Loyalty Not Royalty
3. Internal Affairs - No Way Out
4. Last Nerve - Broken
5. Last Nerve - Sick To Death
6. Last Nerve - Too Slow

Just got my hands on a copy of this recently, I wasn't happy with the versions I had found so I have done my own (read as: better) rip of it.
This gem came out back in 2004 and has 3 absolute rippers from each band.
Internal Affairs were from Los Angeles and had members from the likes of Terror, Carry On and Piece By Piece.
Last Nerve were a great band from Sydney, Australia who after disbanding had members go on to form No Apologies, Bad Blood and most recently Vigilante.
This 7" is a banger, Internal Affairs kick some serious ass and Last Nerve are in my opinion one of the best hardcore punk bands of Australia.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Night Birds - Midnight Movies EP

1. Midnight Movies
2. No Way Home
3. Bad Biology
4. Triple Feature

Night Birds are a Brooklyn band that I first heard on the New York Rules comp tape.
They play a style of fast catchy punk with surf influenced bits, it sounds great.
This EP is their tribute to old horror movies and the drive-ins that used to/still play them.
Hit the replay button on this one as it is over fast and absolutely kills it.