Sunday, May 15, 2011

Iron Mind - Hell Split Wide Open (promo)

1. Guilt
2. The Calm And The Storm

Here are two tracks from the forthcoming "Hell Splits Wide Open" album from Melbourne's Iron Mind, to be released on Dead Souls records July 1st. This is the follow up to their first EP "The Sun Has Set" which you can download
These two tracks are absolute crackers and are still very much in the vein of their previous efforts which is very New York Hardcore influenced.

side note: not the official album art, that is yet to be released and will be done by Sam Octigan the singer of Iron Mind.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shoppers - Goodbye to All That

1. I & II
2. III & IV

Shoppers are a band from somewhere, New York.
I bought this tape sometime last year along with a handful of other tapes, but I cant remember where from.
So from the minimal research I just did I am lead to believe this tape sold out.
I have included scans of the cover and of the lyrics sheet.
No track names just a track order.
Female singer, fuzzy recording. Somewhere else called them indie-punk.
Is good.