Thursday, June 23, 2011

Purple Mercy - Private Pleasures

1. Purple Mercy
2. Slow Cloud
3. 1:34
4. Off The Pigs
5. Ace Of Space
6. Spider
7. Bring In The New Ear
8. Private Pleasures
9. Devil's Hand Flower

Here I present the new album by California's Purple Mercy - Private Pleasures.
This follows up their debut self titled LP which is a dramatically different listening experience.
The first album was more filled with distortion guitars and pissed dirty vocals, and I liked that a lot.
But I like this just as much, I'd say their sound on this album is 70's psychedelic drone rock.
I'm pretty sure that Twelve Gauge Records (tgrex) will be putting this to vinyl, so look out for it if you are interested in a physical copy of this.
Which you should be.



  1. It's finally here! I'm so happy right now!

  2. Totally different Sound but I fucking love it!