Saturday, July 31, 2010

Altercation - Demo '87

1. Unite Us
2. Brain Dead
3. Friends Like These
4. Vigilante Song
5. Altercation
6. Only The Strong Survive
7. America

Classic new york hardcore 1987 Demo from Altercation.
Altercation was a side project band for members of Warzone.
If you like this you should check out the Vigilante Demo I posted here.


Negative FX - Negative FX

1. Feel Like A Man
2. Together
3. Protestor
4. Mind Control
5. I Know Better
6. Citizen's Arrest
7. Negative FX
8. The Few, The Proud
9. Punch In The Face
10. Primary Attack
11. Hazardous Waste
12. Turn Your Back
13. Nightstick Justice
15. Modern Problems
16. Nuclear Fear
17. VFW
18. Repeat
19. Might Makes Right

Negative FX was a hardcore band from Boston, MA, formed in the early 80’s.
They were part of the "Boston Crew" with members of other bands SS Decontrol and DYS, which was a violent group of kids who held a strict straight edge mentality.
Negative FX only played five shows in their entire existence.
The singer Jack Kelly aka "Choke" went on to later form the band Last Rights, then Slapshot.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Balance & Composure - I Just Want To Be Pure EP

1. I just want to be pure
2. Weak man, Weak boy
3. Alone for now
4. Waiting, thinking, giving up
5. Pull of the ground
6. Chapter 20

A indie/emo band from Doylestown, PA. The band formed in the winter of 2007.


Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire

1. Spirit Desire
2. We Are Great, There Is Only One (Tigers Jaw)
3. Crystal Vision
4. Meet At The Corner

Tigers Jaw is an indie rock band from Scranton, PA.
Some fresh air.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sabertooth Zombie - Dance

1. Dance
2. Crooked Divinity
3. Mr. Suit (Wire Cover)
4. The Bride (Lady Death III)
5. Of Fear And Peace
6. The Traveling Carnival
7. Rock And Roll Friends

"Dance" side from the Sabertooth Zombie "Dance/The Prisoner" 10".
On "Dance" S.T.Z. deliver 6 tracks of their own and they cover "Mr. Suit" by Wire and it sounds great. Also Sammy Winston (Vocals of Grace Alley, Ramparts, All Bets Off) features on the song "Rock And Roll Friends".


Monday, July 26, 2010

Sabertooth Zombie - The Prisoner

1. The Prisoner
2. Hyber Nation
3. Panacea
4. Glad Handed
5. House Of The Rising Sun (Animals Cover)

"The Prisoner" side from the Sabertooth Zombie "Dance/The Prisoner" 10".
The tracks from that 10" were also put out as a CD with a different track listing called "Mere Bears: The Riot Cops Bathed On Zion", which is an anagram.
So this is in the correct track listing (going by the 10").
On "The Prisoner" S.T.Z. deliver 4 tracks of their own and a pretty nice cover of "House Of The Rising Sun".


Ramparts - Whiteboys Love The Blues

1. Bed of Roses
2. The Knives Are Out And Ours Are The Sharpest
3. The Law Of Savages
4. No Jazz Before The Rumble

Features members of Sabertooth Zombie, Grace Alley and Ceremony.
Playing psychedelic rock from 70's mixed with punk.
Bed of Roses features guest vocals from Ross Farrar of Ceremony.
This is the only release by the band aside from a demo.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sabertooth Zombie - Dent Face.

1. Campaign
2. Deep
3. Dent Face
4. Untitled
5. Meal Ticket
6. This Young Earth
7. That Fleeting Feeling

Sabertooth Zombie's Dent Face 7" is my favourite release of theirs to date (It just edges it).
Why? Because I love the sound of the saxophone mixed with their style of punk.
Meal Ticket is amazing, I could listen to it forever.
This is why I wish I lived in California.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Outburst - '87 Demo

1. Intro
2. Learn To Care
3. Think For Yourself
4. Mission Impossible
5. Mad At The World
6. True
7. Outro
8. The Hard Way
9. Thin Ice
10. Controlled (Live)

So this is the classic New York Hardcore 1987 demo by Outburst + 3 tracks from the New Breed comp tape (tracks 8-10).


Grace Alley - Tiger Sessions Demo

1. An Avalanche Of Bricks
2. Flatblack
3. Ghost Towns
4. No Grace For The Faithful
5. Seven Seas
6. Sugarcandy Mountain

Grace Alley from San Francisco, California's Tiger Sessions Demo.
One part punk and one part rock mixed with some good lyrics makes for some real catchy shit.
Why aren't there any bands like this where I live?
I am jealous of you Californians.


Bored Youth - Touch & Go 7"

1. Warning
2. Sympathy
3. Bored Youth
4. Misfit
5. To Label Is To Limit
6. They Don't Have The Right
7. Youth Culture
8. No Chance
9. Shock Value
10. Fight
11. Outcast

Bored Youth came from the Suburbs of Detroit.
In '81 this was released as a demo cassette.
I recently got my hands on the repressed version by Lost & Found which is from 1990.
"The members of this band apparently went on to become lawyers or commit suicide".


Bad Religion - 80-85

How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (1982)
1. We're Only Gonna Die
2. Latch Key Kids
3. Part III
4. Faith In God
5. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell
6. Pity
7. In The Night
8. Damned To Be Free
9. White Trash (2nd Generation)
10. American Dream
11. Eat Your Dog
12. Voice Of God Is Government
13. Oligarchy
14. Doing Time

1st Ep (1981)
15. Bad Religion
16. Politics
17. Sensory Overload
18. Slaves
19. Drastic Actions
20. World War III

Back to the Known (1984)
21. Yesterday
22. Frogger
23. Bad Religion
24. Along The Way
25. New Leaf

Public Service Comp
26. Bad Religion
27. Slaves
28. Drastic Actions


Pennywise - Full Circle

1. Fight Till You Die
2. Date With Destiny
3. Get A Life
4. Society
5. Final Day
6. Broken
7. Running Out Of Time
8. You'll Never Make It
9. Every Time
10. Nowhere Fast
11. What If I
12. Go Away
13. Did You Really
14. Bro Hymn Tribute

A Remastered Classic.


Crazy Spirit - Crazy Spirit Demo

1. Snakes
2. Black Shadow
3. In The Thick
4. Devil's Daughter
5. When Faces Change
6. Cool Death
7. Fledgeflight
8. Slimey Leech
9. Blood Runs Fire
10. I'm Dead

You know that saying "Don't judge a book by its cover"? Well this is an exception to the rule.
Because this sounds exactly like the cover looks - fucking creepy.
Garage sounding fuzzed out punk from New York.
On another blogspot, someone said this sounds like it was recorded in a trash can.
Well that trash can must have been made out of fucking gold!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jughead's Revenge - Unstuck in Time

1. Jughead's Revenge
2. Unstuck in Time
3. Failure at Life
4. State of the World
5. Fuck Shit Up
6. Formula 502
7. Pack Your Bags
8. Memories Of You
9. My Problems
10. Face of Destruction
11. Not My House
12. Sentenced to Die

Jughead's Revenge's first studio album, released in 1990.
LA Punk.


Bad Religion - Into the Unknown

1. It's Only Over When…
2. Chasing the Wild Goose
3. Billy Gnosis
4. Time and Disregard
5. The Dichotomy
6. Million Days
7. Losing Generation
8. …You Give Up

Everyone (should) knows Bad Religion...
With this CD they completely changed their sound from fast punk to rock with keyboards which confused alot of their fans!
From 1983.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad Blood - Harsh Reality

1. No More Denial
2. Ingrained
3. Harsh Reality
4. Bring It Back
5. Waste Of Space
6. Breakdown

Hardcore band from Sydney, Australia.
After Last Nerve broke up, two bands were started by former members.
One was No Apologies, who's album "Survival" I have already posted, and the other is Bad Blood. Harsh Reality was their first release. 6 songs, influenced by New York hardcore. Enjoy.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Urban Blight - More Reality

1. Toxic City
2. More Reality
3. Cut Back
4. No Direction
5. Fake Attitudes
6. Blight Makes Right
7. Get A Clue
8. Enough
9. Leech
10. What Can Be Done

10 songs in 9 minutes.
From Toronto Canada, Urban Blight play in a style that sounds like Boston and New York Hardcore. Two of their influences are Agnostic Front and SSD.


Friday, July 16, 2010

AFI/Heckle 7" Split

1. Aspirin Free (AFI)
2. Advances in Modern Technology (AFI)
3. Lemmings (Heckle)
4. Something Real (Heckle)

Heckle never received the type of hype that AFI have gotten
but damn they did a good job on this.
From 1995.


End of a Year Self Defense Family - Live On The Waiting Room

1. Robert E. Howard & Fred Dekker
2. Eric Hall
3. Jeni Leigh

Bunch of guys playing post-punk tunes.
Recorded live at Sam Pura studios.
Three songs off of their latest album and one off of their self titled 7".


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brutal Knights - Total Rebellion

1. Electronics
2. Fight You In My Mind
3. Gonna Stay In
4. Shit Happens You Deal
5. Total Rebellion
6. Why The Beard?
7. We're Not Young
8. Any Of Me

Punk from Toronto, Canada.
Total Rebellion is just that.
And fighting people in your mind!
This shit is beyond cool.


Toe To Toe - Consolidated

1. Push Comes To Shove
2. The Rat
3. Slave
4. For Life
5. Wrongside
6. Indecision
7. Sinking Feeling
8. Union Joe
9. Steady Diet Of Hate
10. Test Of Time
11. Payback
12. Hold Your Ground
13. Spirit
14. The Return
15. Slave
16. The Bars
17. Joke's On You
18. Just To Get Away

1999 - Hardcore from Sydney, Australia.


Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Streetcore

1. Coma Girl
2. Get Down Moses
3. The Long Shadow
4. Arms Aloft in Aberdeen
5. Ramshackle Day Parade
6. Redemption Song
7. All in a Day
8. Burnin Streets
9. Midnight Jam
10. Silver & Gold

Joe Strummers last recordings before he passed.


No Apologies - Survival

1. Crushed
2. Alone
3. Survival
4. Dust
5. Believe
6. Nothing
7. Mandala
8. Dying To Live
9. Reality
10. Can't Won't
11. No One
12. Succumb

The first and only album by N.A. from Sydney, Australia.
Not a bad track on this, crushing riffs and some of the best vocals you will hear.
Things that make this stand out even more are inclusions of the didgeridoo and piano on "Succumb", the organ on "Believe" and the piano on "Mandala".
This came out back in 2007, and to be honest I still cant stop nodding my head to it.
Features Peter Abordi (On Vocals) and Peter Bursky (Guitar) who both played in the band Last Nerve.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vigilante - Demo 2010

1. Blind Authority
2. Unseen Force
3. Victim Of Society
4. Social Justice
5. Eye To Eye
6. Outro

New band from Sydney, Australia.
New York hardcore influences from bands like Altercation, Straight Ahead, Murphy's Law and Warzone. On the mic is dave from Last Nerve.


Grace Alley - Black Tape

1. Red Wine and Dead Friends
2. One Hand Dirties The Other
3. Flat Black
4. Police Story (Live)

Grace Alley are a punk band from San Fransisco, California.
On this tape they deliver 3 songs of their own and a live cover of Black Flag's Police Story.
The singer was also in the bands All Bets Off and Ramparts.


Regulations - Destroy E.P.

1. Destroy
2. My Future
3. We're Blank
4. Untitled
5. Police Car

Destroy E.P. by Regulations from 2003.
Great 80's hardcore punk sounding songs straight outta Umea, Sweden.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Regulations - Electric Guitar

1. Untouchable
2. Laugh At Me (Ha Ha Ha)
3. Empty Head
4. Disease
5. Hollywood Smile
6. Protect And Serve
7. I Can Do Whatever I Want

Regulations are a punk band from Umea, Sweden. And they are fucking good.
Electric Guitar album from 2005 minus the tracks that are from the "Destroy E.P." and the "Survive In The City 7inch ".


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Extortion & Jed Whitey Split 7"

1. A Step In The Wrong Direction
2. Derailed
3. Fix Me (Black Flag)
4. Senile
5. Out Of My Mind

Jed Whitey:
6. Punkrock Savant
7. Punched In The Neck

Ripper split 7" split from Extortion & Jed Whitey from Australia.
Extortion side is short and fast, with a Black Flag cover in the mix.
First songs I've heard from Jed Whitey and they are sick.


Jaws - Demo

1. I Smell A Rat
2. Drown
3. Self Sabotage
4. Last Thing
5. No Heroes
6. I'm Gunna Choke
7. Rock Bottom
8. Boring
9. Brain Freeze

Jaws was a punk band from Perth, Australia.
This demo has 9 songs that rage in just under 9 minutes.
This is easily one of my top five demo's of all time.
They also have an album they put out after this called "Slow Motion Suicide" it has the demo tracks on it as well. You can buy that from Resist Records.
Some band members went on to form the band "Clever Species?"
Which is more than worth checking out. Also available on Resist Records.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Warmers - Wanted:More

1. Red Light Runner
2. Totally Free
3. RSVP/In a Cadence
4. Berretta USA
5. Wanted: More
6. Romantic Conversation Dance

The Warmers were a three piece band that existed during 1994-1997.
Featuring Alec Mackaye (The Untouchables, The Faith and Ignition) on guitar/vocals, Amy Farina (Lois, The Evens) on drums and Juan Luis Carrera (Lois) on bass/vocals.
"Wanted:More" was released posthumously in May 2004 and features six songs recorded in December 1996.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Iron Mind - The Sun Has Set

1. Thin Ice
2. The Iron Mind
3. On And On
4. Undertow
5. The Sun Has Set
6. There's No Light

NYHC influenced sounding band from Melbourne, Australia.


Friday, July 2, 2010

The Watts Prophets - Things Gonna Get Greater

1. Listen
2. Part-E,S
3. Black Pussy
4. Kill
5. Funny How Things Can Change
6. Falstaff
7. Pimping, Leaning, And Feaning
8. Keeping You Doing Things
9. The Meek Ain't Gonna
10. The Days, The Hours
11. Taste
12. We Must Love Black People
13. I'll Stop Calling You Niggers
14. Saint America
15. They Shot Him
16. Nearer My God To Thee
17. Clowns All Around
18. Response To A Borgeois Nigger
19. Things Gonna Get Greater Later
20. Trees And Del Prodo's

Combining elements of jazz music and spoken word performances, making the trio one that is often seen as a forerunner of contemporary hip hop music.


Face The Rail - Self Titled LP

1. Last Time
2. Foreign Land
3. Burnt Out
4. Trash Talk
5. Problems
6. Violence
7. We Skate
8. What A Drag
9. Space Invaders
10. Loser

The LP trails off in melodic dischord, with topics ranging from longing, boredom, aliens and skating.


Coptic Times - Temptation 7"

01. High Strung
02. Through These Eyes
03. Wasteland
04. Self Destruction
05. Temptation

Members of Iron Age and Dropout, sounding something along the lines of Black Flag


V/A - Welcome to Venice (Compilation)

1. Suicidal Tendencies - Look Up... (The Boys Are Back)
2. BEOWÜLF - Taste The Steel
3. BEOWÜLF - Unicorn
4. Los Cycos - It's Not Easy
5. No Mercy - No Mercy
6. No Mercy - War Machine
7. Excel - Enforcer
8. Excel - Conclusion
9. Excel - Make Up Your Mind

A crossover thrash compilation released in 1985.
Solo's, Cholo's and Suicidal Brotherhood!.


No Mercy - Widespread Bloodshed Love Runs Red

2.Crazy but Proud
3.Master of No Mercy
4.Day of the Damned
5.Controlled by Hatred
6.I'm Your Nightmare
7.Widespread Bloodshed - Love Runs Red
8.My Own Way of Life
9.Waking the Dead

Thrash from 1987 with Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir


Battletruk - Acid Death

1. The Demented
2. Fuk Them
3. Acid Death
4. Bad Thoughts
5. Bitch Is Poison
6. Rip Me Off
7. The Howling
8. No Hope
9. Nose Bleed
10. Hate Or Die
11. Broken Head
12. Damage Control
13. World Crashed

Second album from this hardcore/punk band from Perth.
13 songs and goes for 14 minutes. This rules.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Choking Victim - No Gods/No Managers

1. 500 Channels
2. In Hell
3. Crack Rock Steady
4. Suicide (A Better Way)
5. In My Grave
6. Fucked Reality
7. Money
8. Hate Yer State
9. Fuck America
10. War Story
11. Five Finger Discount
12. Praise To The Sinners
13. Living The Laws
14. Ska Rock Steady (Hidden Track)

The only LP they made before they went on to form Leftover Crack.
The quotes heard on some tracks are recordings of Michael Parenti, an award winning leftist political and historical writer.


Ill Brigade - In This Age 7"

1. In This Age
2. Push Back
3. Learn
4. World Of Fools
5. Another World
6. All I Ask

Ill Brigade from Sydney, Australia.
Inspired by that second wave new york hardcore.
5 ripping tracks and a breakdown cover.


Black Jesus - Demo

1. Cycles of Fear
2. Black Jesus Saves
3. The Devouring
4. Dead In Their Tracks
5. Doctrine of Denial
6. River Bleeds Black
7. Age of Avarice
8. Atrocity Generator

Black Jesus Saves.
Playing some metal/black metal sounding jams outta Perth, Australia from guys who were/are in bands such as Jed Whitey and Extortion.


Joe Buck Yourself

1. Dig A Hole
2. Are You My Enemy
3. I Will Survive
4. Devil Is On His Way
5. Hillbilly Speedball
6. I Want Revenge
7. Bitter Is The Day
8. Planet Seeth
9. Evil Motherfucker From TN
10. Took Up With The Devil
11. Born To Scare
12. Hillbilly Pride
13. Intreatment All

Country/Punk Rock - Joe Buck used to play bass in some of Hank Williams III's projects