Thursday, October 20, 2011

Backtrack - Darker Half

1. The Worst of Both Worlds
2. Life's Plan
3. Too Close
4. Violent Split
5. The Greater Good
6. Scratch The Past
7. Darker Half
8. Hard to See
9. Erase The Rat
10. Enough to Know
11. Soul Sucker
12. Red Handed

After I had played the absolute shit out of the 2 promo tracks (they still rule), here are another 10 ridiculously good nyhc influenced jams from this long island band. Just listened to this the whole way through and I am not disappointed.
Get into this and enjoy!

Check out Reaper Records for the wax and the merch - here.
+ more at merchnow (a sweet cap/different vinyl colour) here.
and Backtrack's bigcartel here.


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