Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New York Rules Compilation Tape

1. Toothache
2. Help!

3. Pharmakon
4. The Fall

Hank Wood & The Hammerheads
5. Bathing
6. White People

Night Birds
7. Killer Waves
8. Thrilling Murder

Nude Beach
9. The Mountain or the Moon
10. Hey Little Child (Alex Chilton)

The Men
11. Think
12. Gates of Steel (Devo)

Byrds of Paradise
13. Members
14. Home And Garden

Dawn of Humans
15. Destroy I
16. It As One

New York Rules is a compilation tape put out this year by Burn Books.
It features 2 songs respectively from 8 bands, some you may know already and others may be new for your dirty ears. I had only heard half of the bands myself, and I am really liking the ones that I hadn't.

Overall this tape has a good mix of sounds that are: rockin', hardcore punk, punk with surf sounding guitars, psychedelic rock and creep punks.
A bit of everything really, which is what a compilation tape should be.

Want to hold something hard in your hand?
Here you go big boy!


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  1. Yo dude! Just found this compilation and blog. Killer stuff. Wanted to pass on the new EP from my band Lion Splicer. We're a two piece metal/punk band from New York, composed of myself and my younger brother Danny. The EP is up on mediafire here:

    check us out and say whats up!

    cheers man, keep it up