Monday, April 11, 2011

Amigo The Devil - Manimals EP

1. Dahmer Does Hollywood
2. Perfect Wife
3. Alcohol
4. Infamous Butcher
5. Husband

Amigo The Devil was first brought to my attention thanks to SDG, he also posted the demo tracks on here a while back.
Danny Kiranos is the solo artist behind it all who delivers some really great lyrics combined with banjo and or guitar along with the occasional usage of organ/piano on a few tracks which makes for some really dark feelin' storytellin'.
"Dahmer Does Hollywood" and "Perfect Wife" featured on the demo, and "Infamous Butcher" is a re-working of the song "Imachination" - it is vastly different from the original, so both tracks should be taken as stand alone pieces.
The two new tracks on this are great too, and has me looking forward to any further material from Amigo The Devil.

Purchase it here



  1. Hey! Thank you guys so much for making these tunes available! You made my day to say the least :)

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