Monday, October 18, 2010

OFF! - 1st EP

1. Black Thoughts
2. Darkness
3. I Don't Belong
4. Upside Down

1st EP is the first release by OFF! (go figure!)
OFF! is fronted by Keith Morris, who is best known for singing on the 1978 Black Flag EP "Nervous Breakdown".
OFF! members were also involved in Burning Bridges, Red Cross and Rocket From The Crypt.
If you like your punk or hardcore short and sweet, much like early Black Flag with Morris on vocals then You won't be surprised or disappointed either by this effort.



  1. actually, Redd Kross were called Red Cross while in their punk phase, and Red C was a DC punk band, best known for their appearance on DC sampler "Flex Your Head". no relations to the Cali band

  2. you are right, good pick-up!