Monday, August 2, 2010

Sabertooth Zombie & Tiger Uppercut! - Split EP

Sabertooth Zombie:
1. Blood & Cum

Tiger Uppercut!:
2. Trying 'Til Dying
3. Rock Star Dick Waffle
4. United Sluts of Apathy
5. Turtles
6. We, We (Unlike Pee Pee)
7. Can't Pull Off The Piledriver Since The Demo
8. What's Hardcore Mean To You?
9. Help!
10. Bonus Track

If you haven't noticed already, I think Sabertooth Zombie are one of the finest bands of the current time. On this split they deliver 1 song that clocks in just under 7 minutes.
While Tiger Uppercut! hammer out 9 themselves.
Tiger Uppercut! were a punk band from California as well.
They put out a demo, a seven inch and the split with S.T.Z.
Most of the songs on this split by them are under the 1 minute mark. Fun and Fast! I will have to post their demo sooner or later. It's a fun listen and has some cool samples in it.


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