Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Rival Mob - Mob Justice Tape

1. Mob Justice Intro
2. Mob Justice
3. Boot Party
4. Be Somebody
5. Fake Big
6. We're The Boys
7. Philcore For Philcore

The new promo tape from Boston's The Rival Mob.
6 new jams and a Blitz cover to get you excited for their upcoming Lp on Revelation.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toy Boats - Diamond Teeth EP

1. The Colours That Went With You
2. Broken Arms (Warmer Than Summer)
3. Rent
4. Bouquets (Died In My Living Room)
5. Diamond Teeth
6. Kids Dying Of Old Age

Toy Boats is Hugo Costin from Byron Bay.
Hugo plays some well written and easy to listen acoustic/indie sounding jams with really good and catchy lyrics.
This has been my most played release of recent times and I cant do it justice with words to say the least.
You can buy this from Resist Records.


Self Defense Family - Self Immolation Family b/w World Virgins

1. Self Immolation Family
2. World Virgins

Self Defense Family (formerly named End of a Year) deliver two more sweet tracks to their catalog on this 7" which is available now through Deathwish Inc. Records.
Love the linking between tracks with the fade out/fade in drumming. Buy this if you're not on a shitty wage because it's real, real good.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Out Crowd & Written Off - Split

1. Out Crowd Anthem
2. Societies Burden
3. Survival Of The Realest
4. Wound Too Tight
5. Keep Looking
6. Grounded
7. The Detour
8. Step Forward (The Mob)

So this great split came out a little while ago now, and I really should have posted it straight away. 8 great tracks, 4 from Atlanta's Out Crowd and 4 from Louisville's Written Off. For those of you who havent heard this split or these bands you are in for a treat. Straight up perfect youth crew style hardcore and an awesome cover of a great new york band as the cherry on top.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Creem - Creem LP

1. Think Twice
2. Lucid
3. Never End
4. Dweller
5. The Wrong Man
6. The Bricks
7.  What The Fuck (Black Easter)

Seven ripping tracks in the vein of Boston and UK greats from this brooklyn band. Available from both Deranged Records and Katorga Works.