Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Nerve & Internal Affairs - Split 7"

1. Internal Affairs - Enough
2. Internal Affairs - Loyalty Not Royalty
3. Internal Affairs - No Way Out
4. Last Nerve - Broken
5. Last Nerve - Sick To Death
6. Last Nerve - Too Slow

Just got my hands on a copy of this recently, I wasn't happy with the versions I had found so I have done my own (read as: better) rip of it.
This gem came out back in 2004 and has 3 absolute rippers from each band.
Internal Affairs were from Los Angeles and had members from the likes of Terror, Carry On and Piece By Piece.
Last Nerve were a great band from Sydney, Australia who after disbanding had members go on to form No Apologies, Bad Blood and most recently Vigilante.
This 7" is a banger, Internal Affairs kick some serious ass and Last Nerve are in my opinion one of the best hardcore punk bands of Australia.


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