Sunday, March 6, 2011

Frodus - Soundlab 1

1. Too Big A Lie
2. Pathless Land
3. Feelgood Song Of The Decade

Frodus is a post-punk DC band that that existed from '93-99, and that resurfaced in one form or another in 2009. This was recorded 2009, released late last year by lovitt records. Has bassist from dillinger escape plan playing on it. You can hear the first 2 tracks here and purchase it on vinyl or download it from $2 (download comes with the extra track). Solid material on this 7", if you like this you should check out their LP "And we washed our weapons in the sea" which is considered by band members to be their best work, good album to drive to.

edit: So I am pretty sure lovitt records got the link removed, the early bird gets the worm. So you will just have to fork out the $2 minimum for the 3 tracks. HARD TIMES COMIN' YOUR WAY.

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