Friday, December 3, 2010

Listener - Return to Struggleville

1. Death by shotgun
2. A song from a knife salesman to his wife on their wedding day
3. It's time for drastic measures they're not taking you seriously
4. The music that the angels do
5. My five year plan
6. What would you do if I'm not what I'm supposed to be, because I'm not
7. I have nothing but attention when I scream
8. Ozark Empire, or a snake oil salesman comes to your town
9. Your life will never dull or your money back
10. When no one else will be your friend I will do the job
11. Officer you have the wrong man, I am not that man

Dan Smith and Christin Nelson are Listener.
Poetry/Talk music in tune with all different types of instruments
that work really well together.
Brand New, mewithoutYou, Explosions in the Sky vibes throughout their work if that helps.



  1. Ah, thank you for the uploading! I've been looking for this record since forever! Thanks, mate!


  2. Haha, I never thought of the comparisons before, but I love all those bands so guess it makes sense

    Thanks for uploading, love wooden heart and can't wait to hear this record

  3. i loved wooden heart, then i got spotify and found this album, and I AM IN LOVE!!!!

    thx so much!!