Monday, July 9, 2012

Out Crowd - Just Us 7"

1. Intro-Our Struggle
2. Big Head Strikes Again
3. Blind Eye
4. weekend Wastoid
5. Clockwork
6. Deafening
7. My Malfunction

Here is Atlanta's Out Crowd's latest effort.
Seven new tracks of hardcore on 7" put out by Reaper Records.
Follows up their split with Written Off which I posted on here (love that split).
This is in the same vein and the same standard as their previous material, meaning to say that this is good.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Clear - Demo 7"

1. Nobody's Fool
2. You Still Here
3. Two Eyes
4. Pain Chain
5. Your Life, Your Hands
6. Let You Down

Here is Clear's demo, which is still up for pre-order now on Triple B records.
They sent me a bent Rival Mob 7" once off ebay (which I was cool with) so I can upload this right?
But seriously, you should buy this from BBB here because it is more than worth it.
Five minutes - six real jams.