Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Mummies - Shitsville

1. A Girl Like You
2. That's Mighty Childish
3. (Doin') the Kirk
4. Die

This is the Shitsville 7" EP from 1990 by The Mummies.
Mixing sixties garage sounding rock with punk.
When these guys played shows they did it in full costume. Awesome.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No-Cash - Run Your Pockets

1. Samurais Of The Sea
2. Life Sucks
3. Wilkes Booth Style
4. Knowledge Is Power
5. Skate Or Die
6. Pierce The Gates
7. Homelife Is A Drag
8. The Lucky Few
9. Pure Evil
10. A Better Tomorrow
11. Gasoline
12. Run Your Pockets

This is their first and last full length cd, A bunch of pissed off teens playing crack rock steady, punk, hardcore and ska.


Amigo The Devil

1. Jonestown Lullaby
2. Perfect Wife
3. Covenant
4. Imachination
5. For a Few Good Men
6. End of an Era
7. Dahmer Does Hollywood

Solo artist Danny Kiranos brings you in your face Dark Folk music.


Human Mess - Follow You Home

1. Aftertaste
2. Useless And Unacceptable
3. At War
4. Glad That You're Dead
5. Unappreciated
6. Can't Escape
7. Bullshit Parade
8. No One Will Find Out
9. Exiled
10. Isolated Monster
11. ...
12. It's Just A Game

Human Mess serve up 12 songs clocking in just under 11 minutes.
Heavily influenced by Poison Idea.


Hour Of The Wolf - Power Of The Wolf

1. Eat You Alive
2. Spit It Right Back
3. Black Blood Transfusion
4. Deaths Coming
5. Turn On You
6. Wild Man
7. You're Through
8. Burn It

Hour of the Wolf play fast, catchy, punk rock and their music is all kinds of awesome.


No Friends - Traditional Failures

1. A Look Ahead
2. Letter Of Apology
3. Permanent Black Eye
4. Armed To The Teeth
5. Control Freaks
6. Traditional Failures

The band featuring Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste), Sam Johnson (NMDS, VRGNS), Richard "Horsebites" Minino (NMDS, Gatorface, None More Black), and Alex (NMDS, Gatorface, VRGNS)
Influences: Dag Nasty, Black Flag, Minor Threat, The Damned, Adolescents.


Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance

1. White Love
2. Young Tongues

Here's the latest from North Bay's Sabertooth Zombie.
Two new songs that collectively run for thirteen and a half minutes.
Easily my favourite band from the present time.
If you aren't nodding your head when listening to this you should see a doctor.


The Specials - Specials

1. A message to you Rudy
2. Do the dog
3. It's up to you
4. Nite klub
5. Doesn't make it alright
6. Concrete jungle
7. Too hot
8. Monkey man
9. (Dawning of a) New era
10. Blank expression
11. Stupid marriage
12. Too much too young
13. Gangsters
14. Little bitch
15. You're wondering now

Produced and Released in 1979 by Elvis Costello
Some say that this record is the defining moment in the UK ska scene.
Great chill out record.


The Mad Conductor - Mechanical Claw

1. Intro
2. Louisiana Truth Potion and The Human Thought Recorder
3. Tomb Diggin Shovels
4. Troubles In The Sewer
5. Marisafa Lupina
6. Nairobi

After the break up of No-Cash, the singer (Chris Tray) created a stage name under MC Devlin and formed a Hip Hop based band that like to throw Punk, Dub, Psychedelic, Reggae into the mix.


Southside Stranglers - Demo Tape

1. Too Much TV
2. I'm A Cannibal
3. Don't Love You
4. Bad Seed
5. Which Way Is The Door?
6. Wired

Rock and roll sounding punk band from Richmond, VA in the states.
This shit rules.